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  • There is a small incompatibility of WPFTS Pro with the popular Avada Theme. This theme is using custom excerpt processing, which does not intend to show an excerpt of the attachment file when you search files by content. Also, this theme will not show the Smart Excerpts output.

    Likely, the theme authors allow us to redefine the theme "content shortener" function by ours, which makes it possible to create a small fix without the need to patch the main theme files.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Open your functions.php file of the Avada theme (or Avada child theme)

    2. Put this code to the beginning of the file

    function fusion_get_post_content_excerpt( $limit = 285, $strip_html, $page_id = '' ) {
            return ob_get_clean();
    1. Save the functions.php file.

    It should fix the issue with Smart Excerpts. Now you will see WPFTS Pro's excerpts with Google-like markup and even attachment file contents.

    Have fun!