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for powerful modern in-site search

The FullText Search plugin has been developed specifically for WordPress. It creates a transparent, word-based index to ease the search, adds relevance, makes meta fields and attachment files searchable by their content and even more.

The PDF, DOC, DOCX, and other formats are supported.

It complements the built-in WP search, rather than completely redefining it, unlike other wordpress search plugins.

This means that all functions of WP and even 3rd-party plugins will use a new improved search without any modifications.

No need to rent an external service to store the search index - everything is located and works from your database.

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 The best solution to find attachments by their content 

 No need to code or set up for hours - it just works... Awesome!

 One of the must-have plugins for the WordPress 

 Very flexible plugin, we solved all issues with the PDF files on our website with it 

How Does It Work?

A modern two-stage search approach

(this method is also used by Google, Yandex, Bing, and other popular search engines)

WPFTS Indexing Diagram
WPFTS Indexing Diagram

STAGE #1: Data Indexing

Immediately after activation, the plugin extracts all data from your website database (posts, meta fields, categories, tags, attachments' content, etc) and put it to a separate high-optimized structure, called "Word-based Search Index".

This index uses MySQL WordPress database but different tables. No existing data tables will be touched. This index will be kept in sync when you make any changes in WP.

Unlike Google or Bing, WPFTS Pro processes the internal data of the site, not HTML webpages. Thanks to this, even protected data is indexed and can be made available for search.

STAGE #2: Search and Display

When the website user makes the search, the plugin dynamically improves the standard WordPress search functionality (WP_Query) using hooks so WP uses the Word-based Index to search textual data. Thus all previously indexed data become searchable like usual posts.

WordPress Search using Index
WPFTS Smart Excerpts example with Twenty Seventeen theme
WPFTS Smart Excerpts example with Twenty Seventeen theme

Finally, the WPFTS plugin shows found records in a user-friendly manner (like Google does) using your existing theme page. You don't need to change any template for this. Even the attachment files will be magically shown in search results!


WPFTS plugin is written in PHP and doesn't require an installation of any additional software. It will work on shared hosting.

What hosting do you need for WPFTS?


Unlike the standard WordPress search, WPFTS plugin splits the text into words and saves them in a special way. This mechanism results in any post or file being found in milliseconds

How does it work?


With the help of the in-built filters you can significantly expand the search options, for example, you can search metadata, through file content or within the custom generated data at the same time. 

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The plugin uses its own DB tables and doesn't change your original data and code. In case you'll notice any issues after plugin installation (this is very rare case), you can simple disable it and write us so we can help you to fix the issue.


We are working hard to make this plugin better each new day. The price includes one year subscription which gives you free updates, add-ons and technical support.


The plugin's interface uses the same language as your WordPress version. Right now English, Russian and Ukrainian languages are supported. If you want to add any other language – write to us and we will include it in the next plugin update. The plugin is ready for localization using any of popular WP plugins.

Has been running since 2016 on a variety of sites

"When we finalized the WordPress platform, to host our legal websites of India, it also became clear that the default search of WordPress is not up to mark. Our sites would excel only, with a powerful search tool. In came FullTextSearch, too much of a relief, installed it and now results are very very relevant and fast. Swell support. Very competitive pricing."

Manpreet Singh Sood

"As webmaster of a car club, I was looking for an affordable tool to make our pdf file library searchable. I discovered the Fulltext Search plugin and bought a license. It worked great, but my service provider reported performance problems and shut it down. I reported this to the development team, and after an update, this problem was solved. Now it works great again!. Don’t expect miracles, but for this price, it really works like magic!"

Gerard Cappers

"Highly recommended. I was trying ajax search which failed in attached pdf search while WP FullText Search delivered what I expected. I have never ever experienced such attitude to potentional customer. They spent some hours with advice how to set up and configure plugin so that it works without glitches with PDF Embedder and other plugins I am using.
This help saved probably hundreds of hours with creation of my web site. I must say again – unbelievable, I am impressed as never in my life."

Ivo Stika

Why FullText Search is useful to me?

Improve user experience

Users can find the information they need much more quickly and feel more comfortable with your site. Loyalty, repeated visits and visit time are growing.

SEO visibility

You can display a piece of the private information in the search results and thereby improve the visibility of the site for search engines and create capture points for potential customers.

Directly increases revenue

More loyal target users visit your site and the targeted information is more visible to them. Your income grows.

Some More Details

How is WordPress FullText Search built?

The inbuilt ("standard") search in WordPress simply searches through all posts on your website, comparing the search request with the title and posts' content. The more files (posts, pages, etc.) the site has, the slower the search process will be. For example, if you website contains more than 10000 posts the search process can take from a few seconds to tens of seconds! It is not convenient for an end user and heavily overloads a server.

WordPress FullText Search plugin provides a background scan of all data (posts and pages) on your site, splitting them into separate words and writing a systematized structure in separate tables of database (the so-called "index"). At the same time, the search significantly speeds up because the index for the requested word (or the combination of words) immediately shows the list of all files where this word is used. Such algorithm works hundred, if not thousand times faster than the standard search. That is why a similar algorithm is used by Yandex, Google, Facebook, VKontakte and other popular search engines.

The complete search index is built once - after the first activation of the plugin. Thereafter WPFTS plugin will correct the data in the created index during adding, editing or deleting of posts/pages in a "clear" automatic mode. 

The search index is saved and stored in a separate database. Your original data remains unchanged.

How does WPFTS expand the search abilities?
What are the requirements to the website hosting?

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