Privacy Policy

What data do we gather?

When placing an order, signing up for the website and choosing the new subscription you send your name and personal email. Also, the service processes the registration of certain files called “cookies”.

Why do we gather such data?

We will use your name to address you in emails, and your email is used to send the website’s news to you and information about the current status of your order. Your email address is used for the identification of your account and binding your orders to this account.

With the help of “cookies”, we gather information about the users’ actions on the website in order to improve its content, functions, and features and, as a result, increase the convenience of the UI system of the website for you and other users. “Cookies” are saved in a browser and are used for your identification on the website.

Your data and email can’t and won’t be transferred or shared with any third-party individuals or companies, under any circumstance, except in cases where they are demanded by law.

You can refuse to receive any messages or subscription news from the website and delete all your contact information from our user database at any time. To do this, you need to send the request to the website’s support service using the request/feedback form.

At any time, you can alter the settings of your web browser to have the browser block any “cookies” or inform you when these files are used. If you alter these options, please keep in mind that some service’s functions won’t work as they require default settings to function which are stored in “cookies”.

How do we protect your personal data?

In order to protect your personal information, we use administrative, managerial and technical safety measures.

Our website uses a protected data transfer method using SSL technology that encodes your data for the transfer procedure during the Internet network. We also use protected and authorized payment methods like Yandex Kassa, Paddle, and PayPal that give guarantees with regards to the safety of your personal payment details in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

After placing an order, payment data (your credit card numbers, e-purse numbers, and payment passwords, etc.) are not saved on our website.

Despite all of our safety measures, we can not give a 100% guarantee that we will be able to prevent all access to your personal data in the face of illegal actions such as hacking.

Your consent

When using our website and our services, you confirm your consent to the rules and regulations of our Privacy Policy.

Notifications about changes

If any rules and regulations of the current Privacy Policy are changed we can (but we are not obliged) to send you notifications via email if you are subscribed to our newsletters or you are a registered user. You should check the original version of the document located here: to ensure you are up to date with any changes.


If you have any questions or remarks concerning the current Privacy Policy of this online service, please feel free to contact us by means of the Feedback Form located on this page –