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WPFTS Not Recognising Columns in a PDF Document

  • I noticed a peculiarity in the excerpt that appeared as a result of a search I did yesterday.
    When I searched the pdf concerned using my PDF Editor Program, it found four instances of the search term. Dragging my pointer over the text confirmed that the OCR has correctly picked up the two-column layout of the document.
    The excerpt in the WPFTS search results contained two sentences, from the second and third occurrences of the search, so it hadn't generated an excerpt from, particularly, the first occurrence. Is there a reason for this?
    More importantly, the text in the first sentence of the excerpt didn't make sense until I realised that WPFTS had ignored the two-column layout and was reading straight across the page, picking up text from the left and right columns alternately. I think this is a significant bug, maybe in WPFTS or maybe elsewhere, so I'd appreciate a fix.

  • Hi @Nick

    Could you send me an example of that PDF document, please? I need to test it with extraction software, there should be a bug definitely.

  • @EpsilonAdmin I've sent the requested information by email.

  • This post is deleted!