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[Solved] Divi and Divi-based themes do not show correct excerpt

  • We detected that on all Divi-themed websites it's initially impossible to see Smart Excerpt at the search results page. Instead we see cutter content for pages/posts and nothing for PDF file content. Look like an image below:

    The example view of wrong search results on Divi theme

    The reason is in the search.php file of the Divi theme.

    Divi theme without correct excerpt text

    As you can see in line 54, the Divi theme (and almost all themes based on it) is using custom truncate_post( 270 ); call to "create" an excerpt. Which is completely wrong from my point of view.

    What you can do to fix this problem is to comment out this line and put correct code the_excerpt(); instead. Like this:

    Fixed piece of the code

    That will fix the problem!

  • Hi Alexey
    I am trying to follow instructions above, but my Search.php file located in Divi/includes/builder/module/ does not have "truncate_post( 270 );" anywhere in it.

  • Hi Andrew
    Please could you send me your search.php file to the or attach it here. Should be Divi has changed the structure of the file and we need another patch now.