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First Install

Note: the information below refers to the professional version of the plugin. Installing the free version is similar to installing any other free WordPress plugin and is not described here.

Congratulations on purchasing the professional version of the plugin!

So, immediately after payment, you received a letter containing a license code and a download link. This link works only for you, so be sure that you have been logged in to your account automatically. If the file is not accessible via the link, log in to your account using email as the name. The system automatically generates a random password during registration, so you will need to get a new password the first time. To do that, please use the “Lost Your Password?” link.

You can enter to your account at WP Fulltext Search website using this link: https://fulltextsearch.org/my-account/

After the installation file is received, you need to upload plugin files to your website. This can be done by uploading files via FTP, or through the WordPress control panel.

ATTENTION! Before installing the professional version of WPFTS, make sure that the free version of the plugin (if you installed it earlier) is deactivated.

Method 1: Upload files via FTP

Unpack the zip archive with the plugin files to a temporary folder on your computer.

Use your favorite FTP client (e.g. Filezilla) to download the entire fulltext-search-pro folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ subfolder in your WordPress installation. Please note that you need to upload the unpacked files (not a zip archive).

After the upload is completed, go to the control panel of your website and find the Plugins item in the left menu. Select it to display a list of currently installed plugins.

In case the upload of the plugin files was performed correctly, you should see WP Fulltext Search Pro in the list of installed plugins. Activate it using the Activate link button.

Method 2: Install Using the WordPress Control Panel

Log in to your website’s control panel. In the left menu, find the Plugins item and select the Add New sub-item. In the window that opens, find the Upload Plugin button (in the very top line, where the page title is) and click it. The system will prompt you to select a file with a plugin stored on your computer. You must select the downloaded zip file (not unzipped folder). Click Install Now and the system will upload the file and install the plugin. At the end of the process, click the Activate plugin button.

Important note: the professional version of the plugin supports automatic updates, so you do not have to perform a manual installation each time the next product update comes out. In case you have an active license, plug-in updates occur completely similar to other (free) WordPress plug-ins, that is, through the Update button on the Plugins page.

Now your plugin is installed and activated and you can go to the next step.

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