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  • Having loaded our 1,800 pdf documents (magazines etc) on to our website, and successfully implemented WPFTS to search within them, we are now turning our attention to the 40,000 historic photographs in our archive. Around half have been digitised, mainly as jpegs but with some tifs, and we are working on the remainder.
    Each photo will, in due course, be annotated with a description and I would like to know if other users have experience of using WPFTS to search this type of information. Currently, the digital images are stored on hard drives, and the information is on spreadsheets, but we are researching software to combine the two, to enable the images to be published on our website, and for the scanning and researching process to be suitable for collaborative teamworking.

  • You can upload images to the WP Media Library as well and add the image description to the image. WPFTS Pro can search these images by the description then.

    Alternatively, you can create a special post type and upload images as "Featured Image" to each of these posts, and put the description and special information to the post_content or additional meta field(s) - depending on the number of data fields and type of information.

    In both cases, WPFTS Pro will help you with the search.