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  • Sometimes you may experience issues with your WPFTS Pro copy. This plugin is a rather complex software product and it may be partially incompatible with other plugins that you use on your WordPress website. Also, sometimes the plugin is not fully compatible with the theme you're using. In addition, although we are trying to make working with the plugin as simple as possible, nevertheless, using it requires some basic skills and an understanding of how it works in general.

    This guide allows you to fix the most common problems without asking for technical support.

    Navigate through the menu items, choosing the most appropriate.

    1. I have a problem with downloading, installation, or activation of the WPFTS Pro plugin

    2. I have problems with a Pro license

    3. The search does not return the expected results

    4. The search results are displayed, but they do not appear as expected

    5. Another problem

    If none of the solutions came up, you can describe the problem on the forum in the "Bugs and Fixes" section, and someone will definitely help you.