ChangeLog – WPFTS Pro Update List

Version 2.46.180

  • Fix: enforce indexer via AJAX in case the server is local with wrong DNS/hosts file or disabled CRON

Version 2.46.178 [official notice]

  • Added a checkbox to switch ON/OFF the search inside WP admin
  • Improved indexer execution for hostings where DNS is configured incorrectly and/or native WP cron does not work properly
  • Added a fix (optional, with the checkbox switch) for the MariaDB issue with a new experimental search option
  • WPFTS Index Optimizer is switched OFF by default now (you can bring it back using the switch)
  • Rebuild Index button from Attachment Edit page now works again
  • Optimized IDLE mode for indexer
  • Added wpfts_set_pause() method
  • Visual issues fixed
  • Replaced TRUNCATE with CREATE-RENAME-DROP to avoid system locking

Version 2.45.170 [official notice]

  • The indexer sequence and algorithm was completely rebuilt
  • Pause mode was added to the indexer
  • Improved indexer logging
  • Added search index status to the Edit Post page
  • Added Flare support
  • Fixed a bug in autocomplete widget
  • Added ‘wpfts_is_force’ parameter to WP_Query

Version 2.44.168

  • Added shortcode [ wpfts_widget ] that lets you install search widget to any place of post/page or template

Version 2.43.165

  • Improved input parameter processing to remove dependency with is_main_query() and is_search() for repeated WP_Query calls
  • Bugs fixed
  • Improved compatibility with 3rd-party themes and plugins

Version 2.42.162

  • Bugs fixed
  • The code was cleaned

Version 2.42.160

  • Numerous bugs fixed
  • Autocomplete widget styles fixed
  • Shortcode content indexing added (with admin option)

Version 2.40.151

  • Word indexer was optimized for low-memory webservers
  • Fixed some notices that appeared for rare cases
  • Added WPFTS_Utils class to improve extended indexing

Version 2.40.149

  • Fixed a typo with short words search within quotes

Version 2.40.148

  • Fixed an issue with 767 bytes in the index for the wpftsi_rawcache table (thanks to Paul Taubman!)

Version 2.40.146

  • Added new algorithm that supports phrase search
  • Deep search is now faster (no more afraid to use it)
  • Character limit (3 chars) was removed
  • MyISAM support was dropped
  • Faster index rebuilding
  • Fixed some UI/UX issues
  • Fixed around 15 issues in the code
  • Fixed found_posts / max_num_pages issue
  • Fixed text typo
  • Fixed language domain and code to be compatible with WordPress Translate service
  • Added support for x86 platforms (by x64 software emulation)
  • Fixed notices when the result is empty (thanks to Mihajlo!)
  • Fixed DB collation issues (now WPFTS is using the same collation as WordPress does)
  • Fixed “expected to be a reference, value is given” bug, thanks to @gregamer!
  • Translation-related fixes
  • Fixed an issue with index length on VARCHAR fields
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • The notice on the Smart Excerpt Settings page was fixed
  • Fixed an issue with AND settings (now works again, [thanks to @clapierre](
  • Fixed 2 other bugs

Version 2.39.139

  • Added WPFTS_Context support
  • Added ‘sentence’ WP_Query() parameter support
  • Added timeout for requests
  • Fixed wpfts_index_post: now it is called for attachments too

Version 2.39.132

  • Fixed search results’ URL when using custom widgets
  • Small UI fixes

Version 2.39.130

  • Changed UI logic: now tabbed
  • Approved compatibility with WordPress 5.4
  • Approved WP_Query integration (fixed a compatibility issue with Avada and maybe other themes)
  • Fixed 3 small issues

Version 2.37.128

  • Added native WP request support. No allow_url_fopen=1 required anymore.
  • Fixed 2 bugs

Version 2.36.125

  • Fixed Smart Excerpts view algorithm (was buggy when the file content contains tags)
  • Added attachment caption and description to the search index
  • Attachments content now stored in ‘attachments_content’ cluster instead of ‘post_content’

Version 2.35.120

  • Added add-ons support
  • Refreshed the style
  • Fixed 5 compatibility issues
  • Added informative message windows

Version 2.33.115

  • Fixed action & filter parameters

Version 2.33.112

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added more action hooks for add-on support

Version 2.32.110

  • Fixed a big bug with taxonomy

Version 2.31.108

  • Added a port for index class
  • Fixed 2 issues

Version 2.31.105

  • Improved error logging while using NativePHP
  • Fixed 2 bugs

Version 2.30.102

  • Changed backend design completely
  • Redone configuration forms
  • Added some hooks for further improvements
  • Fixed 5 issues and bugs
  • Added Live Search support and widget

Version 2.29.96

  • Fixed comma in MySQL query when using some locales

Version 2.29.90

  • Added support of new formats
  • Added extended info of license
  • Added info of supported mime-types and file formats
  • Added starting Wizard

Version 2.28.89

  • Fixed Smart Excerpts (now works well for any text and any character limits)

Version 2.26.80

  • Added mime-type filter for attachment search results
  • Fixed 3 small issues

Version 2.25.79

  • Fixed getting stuck when indexing too large or unsupported files
  • Fixed 5 issues

Version 2.24.78

  • Fixed 11 bugs
  • Added add-on gateway
  • Little speed optimizations

Version 2.23.76

  • Autoupdate functionality was sufficiently improved
  • Added some system checks for auto-updater
  • Fixed 5 bugs

Version 2.22.75

  • Fixed a bug/conflict with WP Theme Customizer

Version 2.21.74

  • Added DOC, DOCX support (via
  • Added attachment extracted content display (at attachment Post Edit page)

Version 2.21.73

  • Added service support

Version 2.20.72

  • Added Google-like Smart Excerpts

Version 2.18.69

  • Fixed 9 small and tiny issues

Version 2.17.68

  • Added Multisite support

Version 2.16.67

  • Fixed 12 warnings and 25 notices while optimizing plugin for PHP 7.2
  • Added support of PHP 7.2

Version 2.15.65

  • Added Main WP Search Tweaks settings

Version 2.14.63

  • Fixed a bug – it was a reason why the plugin can’t activate correctly on some hostings

Version 2.14.62

  • Added InnoDB support
  • Added a switch of MySQL table type (InnoDB/MySQL)
  • Fixed a bug with a popup message

Version 2.12.58

  • Fixed MySQL queries: search speed sufficiently improved
  • Added “Search in attachments” functionality

Version 2.11.57

  • Added “Deeper Search” flag and functionality

Version 2.11.56

  • Added support for internal query filtering
  • Added wpfts_search_terms filter
  • Added support for include attachments
  • Added attachments content caching
  • Fixed some indexing speed issues

Version 2.10.54

  • Fixed Readme.txt
  • Fixed some tiny bugs

Version 2.10.51

  • Added License key support
  • Added auto-updater

Version 2.9.47

  • Added support for plain/text attachments
  • Fixed queries to WP multisite support

Version 2.8.46

  • Added ‘wpfts_extract_text’ function which can be used in user scripts

Version 2.7.45

  • Fixed PDF parser library (used more stable and much faster library)

Version 2.6.41

  • Fixed compatibility with WP 4.8.1
  • Fixed indexing speed – increased a bit (code was optimized)

Version 2.5.38

  • Added support for sites with specific DB table names

Version 2.4.31

  • Fixed – Cosmetic changes

Version 2.3.22

  • Fixed – Changed regexp which is splitting texts into words (non-English characters are now supported)
  • Added `wpftp_split_to_words` filter which enables you to define your own “text splitting” algorithm

Version 1.2.1

  • Added complex query analyzer (support quotes)
  • Fork project to Pro & Free version

Version 1.1.7

  • Added plugin icon
  • Fixed description

Version 1.1.6

  • Fixed – Lowered save_post hook priority to index metadata correctly

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed small bugs
  • Fixed – Debug logging removed

Version 1.1.4

  • Added cluster weights capability
  • Added – Plugin assigned to GPL license

Version 1.0

  • First WordPress version

Version 0.4

  • Added automatic indexing
  • Fixed over 30 bugs

Version 0.1

  • Initial edition
  • Added basic functions