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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites my license will support?

You are free to use one WP Fulltext Search license on an unlimited amount of your websites!

What happen with the plugin functionality when the license period is over?

The fast and flexible search of the WP Fulltext Search plugin will continue to work after the license has expired. However, the service still requires an active license to extract PDF and other file content, thus new files will not be indexed. Also, an active license is required for technical support and regular plugin updates.

What's your refund policy?

If you decide that this plugin does not suitable for you, we will gladly return your money if requested within 30 days.

Will WP Fulltext Search work with my theme?

Of course. Since WPFTS works with the data, any theme is fine. Sometimes themes non-intentionally block or conflict with some WPFTS features (like Smart Excerpts, for example), but it is solvable in most cases. We already have solutions and add-ons for most of the conflicting themes.

I still have doubts if the Pro version will work with my website as expected. Where may I try it?

We can provide you a special 7-days evaluation license, which has 100% Pro functionality, so you can test and config everything before actual purchase. Do not hesitate to make a request!