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installed but results doesn't seems to be ok.

  • I've installed the plugin with an evaluation key. I've got 5 day left to test.
    Indexing is ok but when i use my front search the result skip the .pdf indexed.
    Here's my search form :

    <form method="get" class="cmt-site-searchform" action="">
    <div class="w-search-form-h">
    <div class="w-search-form-row">
    <div class="w-search-input">
    <input type="search" class="field searchform-s" name="s" placeholder="Rechercher...">
    <button type="submit"><span class="cmt-duplexo-icon-search"></span></button>

    Do i need anything else ?

  • Sorry, I just detected your message.

    Please could you follow this small guide? If it does not help, write to me here again. I will need to know the theme you're using and, possibly, the URL of your website to make some checks.